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Executive Apparel Neckwear

What we wear on our necks goes a long way in determining our appeal and aura. Neckwear is any form of apparel worn on our necks aimed at increasing our style or making us look fashionable. The term neckwear is a general one, as neckwear apparels can manifest in many forms.

What comprises of neckwear – examples of neckwear

Neckwear includes; scarfs, neckerchiefs which can be termed as the sisters to scarfs, bowties, neckties, cravats, feather boats as well as the traditional shawls.

All the above neckwear has its own unique way of being worn which is why one has to do enough research before rocking any type of neckwear. Remember the fashion cops are everywhere okay? As such, you wouldn’t want to look all shady or out of place when wearing a certain piece of neckwear.

  • Bow ties – These are essentially neckties that take up the form of a real bow and by and large have two loops. They set the fashion scene in the 17thCentury.
  • Neckties – This is essentially an extended piece of fabric/cloth that is garbed for embellishment purposes around the human neck.
  • Neckerchiefs – These take after a traditional scarf and often have a square shape. When worn around the neck, they form a triangular shape thanks to the knot formed at the neck. One end of the neckerchief is left unrolled.
  • Cravats – these heralded ties the neckties and the bowties. They are different from neckties and bowties in that, cravats cover the neck and are work under the shirt collar, unlike bowties and neckties that are worn over the shirt collar.

Benefits of rocking any type of neckwear

Style – Neckwear being part of our everyday fashion wear, let you spice up your style a little bit. Remember the proverbial saying that the devil lies in the details? Well here’s where the practicality of the saying is seen. Most neckwear apparels are very small bits and pieces of fashion that go miles in ensuring that both men and women look increasingly dapper in what they are wearing. Take the example of a bow tie and a tuxedo suit. Can a tuxedo suit really complete if it’s not worn in the unification of a bowtie? Take also, the example of a Chief Executive Officer wearing a high-end suit in a meeting without a tie. Does this picture really add up? No, it doesn’t – because an essential complementary aspect is missing for the dressing – the relevant or appropriate neckwear. As such, the style and bravura that oozes from wearing neckwear appropriately have not yet been provided by any other apparel.

Perfect selfie – Yes you read that right, they sure do make for that great selfie you’ve been yearning to take. With the current selfie craze in town, you would want to look good for the camera so as to make that selfie something to see. And what good way is there to making a selfie look great than looking great yourself in the appropriate neckwear? There you have it folks, rock any type of neckwear and rest assured that your selfie will collect many likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Unisex – All neckwear apparels are unisex. As such, they can be worn by both men and women. Men secretly wish that they can sometimes wear a bit of the stuff ladies wear and vice versa. Well, guys here is your chance to wear something that can be worn by both sexes, and still look very good in it. Ladies can wear a bowtie on tuxedo shirt and so can men. In the same spirit, ladies can freely rock cravats that are overly thought to be for men only.

How to rock any type of neckwear

Bow Ties – The first step to wearing a bow tie is knowing how to tie a bow tie. As such, practice how to tie a bow tie a few times before trying out one. If this becomes overly hard to do, worry not! Worry not because there are different types of bowties - some pre-tied and others that are simply clip-on. Consequently, choose the bowtie that’s most appropriate for the event you are attending. Then lastly but most importantly, choose a shirt that’s fit or appropriate to go with your bowtie.

Neckties – Consequently, purpose to choose a necktie with a correct or exquisite pattern then learn how to tie a tie. Learning how to tie one is one of the most basic skills one should have. Most importantly, choose that tie that matches up well with your occasion – if it’s a black-tie event; don’t rock any funny patterns, please? Also, purpose to match your tie well with the shirt you are wearing – if it’s a casual shirt, a tie with the most appropriate pattern should be incorporated and so on. In addition, choose your tie length wisely, don’t tie too long or too short a tie. If anything, let your tie length be more than medium length.

Neckerchiefs – these shouldn’t be much of a problem to rock; tying them is pretty much easy – tying one knot is the only prerequisite to wearing a neckerchief. An appropriate pattern should be chosen to match up with your other apparels. The beauty with wearing neckerchiefs is that they can wear on other body parts and still spice up your entire outfit – in short, it is a fool proof embellishment. Neckerchiefs can be worn on the neck, ankle, and wrist too.

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