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Formal Wear

Although not the first choice for uniform ensembles, formal wear is not completely foreign to the uniform look. Whether you're purchasing your formal wear for a  social event, or for work there are three things to remember for ultimate formal wear success. Keep it simple, keep it classic and keep it appropriate for the specific setting you're attending. 

If you're looking to complete a uniform ensemble for your staff, then you're in luck! UniformsInStock offers a variety of stylish formal wear and accessories for your every need. You can shop items such as suitsneckwear, blazers, and more. You can also add accessories such as pompous cummerbunds and cufflinks. This allows you to truly look your best and have a formal wear outfit for any event. We offer affordable prices, as well as the ability to choose from various well-known designers.

Formal wear outfits will likely come in handy for those working in industries, such as casino and gaming, concert and music performance, 5-Star Hotel and Resorts and many more. By offering formal wear items, this allows management to browse and shop for their staff members to complete an overall impressive, professional and high-quality formal uniform.

When shopping, we offer a sorting system that allows you to easily sort and filter products by price, designer, style, color, size, and more. By using this feature, you are able to quickly narrow down either specific items you have in mind, specific designers, colors, etc. It not only is a great way to shop or gather some inspiration, but it's efficient and simple!

Whether it's suits, jackets, tuxedo pants or tuxedo shirts, we offer a wide variety of different sizes that are accommodating for both of the men and women working on your staff. This gives plenty of options in terms of sizing and fit so that all team members can feel comfortable putting on their uniform for the working day.

Our women's white tuxedo shirt 1/4 pleats is a classic white tuxedo shirt with a solid pattern, pleats on the front and long sleeves. The shirt is made from a poly/cotton blend and goes perfectly with a black bow tie and some dress pants or a skirt. Another popular option is the mens's Devon white pleated mandolin tuxedo shirt, this tuxedo shirt has a regular fit as well as barrel cuffs and a solid pattern.

When purchasing items, such as formal wear accessories, tuxedo shirts, etc. You might want to consider taking part in quantity discount initiative. This meaning that any item you want to purchase at UniformsInStock can indeed be ordered in bulk. The larger the quantity of an item ordered, the larger the discount! This comes in handy when purchasing for a large staff as items can get ruined, spills, stains, etc. and having extras means that you're always prepared as well as knowing that you're purchasing well-made items allows you to save money in the long run as you won't have to consistently be replacing your lower-quality items.

Buying Formal Wear
At UniformsInStock we only stock the best quality products from accessories to tuxedos. We understand how important it is to have a well put-together, high-quality and professional uniform regardless of the industry. Because of that, we only carry and work with trusted, modern and well known designers, such as Formal Shirts, Henry Segal, Classix, Caravelli, Maxwell Park and more. Because of this, customers understand that they are getting well-made and high-quality products and ultimately feel comfortable investing in their uniform pieces.

If looking for a way to make your uniforms stand out, you might want to consider embroidery or screen printing. Our customization departments offers our customers the opportunity to customize their uniforms by adding a company logo or embroidering the company name or staff names on uniform items. Customization is a cost-effective way of promoting your business while giving your staff and business a uniform, professional and memorable look. Speak to our friendly team today for more information on customizing your formal wear.

For more information about our selection of formal wear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch