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Henry Segal Bow Ties

Bow ties are one of the prerequisites to exquisite dressing. You don’t believe this? Well, here’s a little research finding to feed your doubtful soul. The British Vogue, a fashion magazine that’s been kicking it since 1916, found out that: out of ten people who have bow ties on, eight of them stand out from any other person dressed in any other form of neckwear.

Further on, the magazine interviewed a number of people at a black tie event, and sought to find out the reason behind most of them wearing a bow tie instead of a normal black necktie. Well, the run-of-the-mill answer deduced from most of the interviewees was that; a bow tie breaks the norm and makes one among other things, stand out from the entire populace. The one thing I would also deduce from the magazine’s finding is that; bow ties overly and on the whole, make you look exquisite. So back to where we started, if you want to look exquisite you might want to put or book a bowtie into your itinerary.

With their advent being in the 17th century, a major paradigm shift has been seen in the manner, place and reasons why bow ties are worn. In the aforementioned 17th century, bow ties had some stereotypes attached to them but the said stereotype has now fallen short of its once flourishing glory. A bow tie was affiliated with people with heaps of intelligence, and majorly chaps with livelihoods in the formal sector which involved white collar professions.

Roles of bow ties

Bow ties fulfill both casual and formal roles in our wardrobes, a fact that has made them a fair-haired boy to most people in the prevailing fashion market. As such, you can wear a bow tie to work which is a formal environment and at the park, an informal environment without really feeling out of place. The latter fact can also tell you one thing – bow ties are available in a wide array of designs and colors to let them be worn in both formal and off-the-cuff hinterlands.

Consequently, bow ties, as initially seen, play the role of breaking the norm. As neckties are the most worn forms of neckwear, wearing a bow tie might just be the way of looking distinct and standing out from those wearing other forms of neckwear such as neckerchiefs and neckties. With the many types of bow ties available in the market, rest assured that bow ties will work the magic if you aim at breaking the wearisomeness of wearing ties and setting a new trend of wearing bow ties.

Benefits of wearing bow ties

Steeze  Steeze is basically defined (especially when used in describing dressing), as a unique combination of style and ease. As such, each and every time you wear a bow tie, be sure that your style will be unique, and easy to come up with (bow ties only require a shirt to realize their exquisite nature.

Versatility Bow ties can be pretty much worn with most of the apparels in our closets (provided that you have a shirt to accompany it). This is to mean that, you can wear bow ties with blazers, shorts, suit pants, denim jeans as well as suit jackets. Now think of the million styles in which you can forward out with a bow tie in – sundry is the word.

Unisex  Whether male or female, you can wear a bow tie, and still look like a very fashion god. Don’t let some lost fashion magazines daunt you from wearing one, with alterations that bow ties are only for men. These magazines are simply, to repeat, LOST!

Outlook – With the inimitable and second to none effect they have, your outlook and aura will simply be enchanting to say the least.

Bow tie brands in the fashion market

The fashion market is simply flooded with apparel brands from multiple designers. Some designers have dedicated their designing skills to designing one form of apparel. So if its pants, some designers specialize solely in the designing of pants and pants alone. However, some designers, such as Henry Segal, are jack of all trades - they offer you a wide array of their products. They aptly design their bow ties for the sake of meeting the market’s needs.

Our Henry Segal Designed Bow ties

At UniformsInStock we have the Glitter Bow Tie which is made of Lurex material. The Lurex material is responsible for the bow tie’s glittering nature. It harbors an exquisite solid pattern and is pre-tied in nature. As such, you can readily wear the Henry Segal bowties as it is readily tied for you (the essence of ease). It is available in four distinct colors which lets you choose the one that appeals to you the most. It’s durable and laundry friendly, hence can offer its services for a very long time. We have it on offer too. You can buy 12 of these and save close to 4% - isn’t this remarkable? To top it all up, it is available at a pocket friendly price which lets you buy more than one, or even replace it in case you misplace it or gets weary over time.

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