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Henry Segal Cummerbunds

It’s the little details in a fashion that beforehand, make a subtle difference. It is at this juncture that we can use the proverbial saying ‘the devil lies in the details’ indubitably. Well, cummerbunds are some of the bits and pieces of fashion that can make your whole outfit look overly exquisite, to say the least. They are simply fashion accessories just like neckerchiefs, earrings, cufflinks and bangles are.

A quick look at their history would let you know that cummerbunds came on the scene in the 19th century, where they were a key prerequisite to black tie events which were in close succession in the Great Britain. From the latter, one can easily deduce that cummerbunds were and still do supplement suits (particularly tuxedos). Without going any further, it is imperative that I point out that cummerbunds are strict to be worn at one’s waist.

They form up part of waist wear and can be categorized with belts, cossets and waist trainers. With that out of the way, we can embark on the mild history of cummerbunds. India too was a hotbed of the aforementioned dinner and black tie events which also saw the cummerbunds being worn to most of these events. With the magnificence that they came with, cummerbunds became part of men’s formal dressing easily. Rarely could you miss out on these especially in dinner parties organized late after the 19th Century.

Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, cummerbunds have beaten the test of time by still being a worthy accessory in modern day dressing. Although the setting in which cummerbunds are worn hasn’t changed much, a few aspects about the cummerbunds have changed. One of the major aspects that have changed is that; in the 19th century, cummerbunds were only worn by men in the black tie dinner events. However, in modern day times, cummerbunds are being worn by women too. This is a fact that you would notice when you go to one of those events and find the waitresses wearing a full tuxedo suit, accompanied with a bow tie, and now the cummerbund.

Roles of cummerbunds

Being accessories, cummerbunds play the major role of making you look exquisite. They are available in many DARK colors that let you weigh between which makes you look gorgeous. Remember at all times that the goal is to always look good. As such, purpose to choose the cummerbund that is properly designed to accomplish the latter.

Cummerbund brands in the prevailing fashion market.

The fashion market is filled with plenty of designers some of whom are extremely talented at what they do while some … let’s just leave it there for now. In the same spirit, there exist a lot of product designs from different designers with each designer aimed at showcasing their products to the world (most designers are aimed at reaching a global audience). Cummerbunds, just like any other piece of apparel, are available in plenty of brands each from different designers. Henry Segal is an example of a designer who designs cummerbunds for the fashion market. Did I also mention that Henry Segal is very talented? The latter can be proved by multiple instances but one that stands out from all is that Henry Segal does not limit or confine his talent in the designing of cummerbunds only; he also designs; blazers, jackets, pants, shirts, skirts and bow ties.

Cummerbunds designed by Henry Segal are by and large preferred to other cummerbunds designed by other designers in the prevailing fashion industry. The latter fact is attributed to the fact that Henry Segal ensures that their cummerbunds meet and pass the quality test before serving any other purpose. So how do these cummerbunds meet the quality test surpassing other cummerbund designs in the fashion scene?

Above all else, the materials used in making these cummerbunds by and large contribute to their quality. The bulk of the materials used in making these cummerbunds are mainly cotton and polyester. Polyester and cotton are known for their fluffy and fuzzy texture which makes the products they make very comfortable to wear. Consequently, these materials are overly able to let your laundry the cummerbunds as many times as you want. The smooth and tender texture of these cummerbunds let them appear the smooth too, as the surfaces of these cummerbunds ought to be overly smooth.

Consequently, Henry Segal designs have designed their designs in a wide variety of patterns to meet the insatiable fashion needs. A key feature in most of the cummerbund designs by Henry Segal is that they possess pleats on their front which act as additional embellishments.

Reasons why you should wear cummerbunds

For starters, cummerbunds always have a way of spicing up your tuxedo suit each and every time you wear them. As such, missing out on the services of a cummerbund will work against you and it will be at your own detriment if you fail to look good in that tux.

Consequently, they are, to say the least, a foolproof accessory. As such, it aims at bringing life to virtually any tuxedo that you wear. Subsequently, with the wide arrays of designs in which these accessories are designed, you are bound to stand out in the event of you wearing one. The latter is associated with the fact that not a lot of people are cognizant of the fact that cummerbunds actually bring life to your outfit. As such, take advantage of your newly gained knowledge and utilize cummerbunds if indeed you want to look good.

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