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Neil Allyn Bow Ties

When attending or working formal events, it is customized that with your formal wear, a bow tie is included. Bow ties have been a treasured accessory as they bring out that inner style in any man or woman. So, when you decide to wear your tuxedo or suit complemented with a bow tie, you can be sure that you’ll strike a stylish balance between work and play. With bow ties being a unique fashion statement, most people tend to have a few reservations simply because they don’t know if they will pull it off correctly or not. As a result, they tend to shy away from wearing one.

But, when it comes to popular formal wear designer Neil Allyn, they have broken the mold on creating modern, elegant and classic bow ties that are a great addition to any formal outfit or uniform. Neil Allyn bow ties come in different shapes and fabrics, which means that those who love wearing bow ties probably have a drawer dedicated to the accessory. A bow tie is a must-have accessory for formal events and has event made its way into every day attire!


Who can wear a bow tie and when?

August 28th is marked World Bow Tie Day and if all the people who wear bow ties on this day are anything to go by, then it shows just how popular bow ties really are. Whether you are a banker, politician, classical music performer, professor, lawyer or architect, you can most certainly rock a bow tie. Are you a pediatrician, teacher, waiter, musician, pastor, president, secretary of state or a congressman? Well, you can definitely wear a bow tie too! Bow ties are for everyone, which is why they are available in so many different colors, patterns and materials.

The convenience that bow ties offer is simply impeccable. For instance, pediatricians tend to wear bow ties as infants cannot pull or play with them as they work with them. Infants love to play with neckties, which is why most doctors prefer to wear bow ties to avoid these inconveniences or distractions. The latter is just one of those few instances where bow ties come in handy. 

If you own a hotel or restaurant, it might be a good idea to have your waiters wear bow ties in their uniform. This will go a long way in making your restaurant staff look stylish, classy and professional to the guests. Carrying this trend over to those working the front desk or customer service is also a great way to have them give guests a lasting and impressive impression.

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Our Neil Allyn Bow Ties

The Neil Allyn bow ties collection at UniformsInStock offers the right kind of charm for the fashion savvy gentlemen. We have a stunning range of bow ties in different colors and patterns that can help you to add a classy look to your formal and casual outfits, as well as spruce up any formal uniform.

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We know that bow ties are a popular and versatile accessory, and we have our fashion experts on the ready to answer your questions. When you place an order, we expedite shipping and we will refund you if you are unhappy with the delivery.

For more information about our selection of Neil Allyn bow ties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch