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Neil Allyn Skirts

The skirt is an indispensable piece of the woman’s wardrobe. It’s one of the garments that can be relied on to provide different styles that suit different occasions. The right skirt will help you to accentuate the right areas, while trimming down sections you want to remain obscured. Not a single woman’s collection is complete without a skirt. This garment can offer different effects ranging from simple, sophisticated, fine or show-stopping.

Without a doubt, there is a skirt for every body type, just like there is one for every occasion. Whether it’s a black tie even or a casual gathering, you can’t miss a skirt that makes you standout, if you know what to look for. Neil Allyn Skirts can offer unlimited style options as long as you have an idea of how to navigate these options, and if you know what flatters your body type. It’s important to note that buying a skirt is one thing and knowing how to wear and accessorize it is another.

Different skirt styles and designs come in different shapes and dimensions. You need to know your size, if you expect to make the perfect buying decision. With Neil Allyn Skirts, you need to know the different designs and types available. Also, you need to know the fabrics used and how these material determine whether the skirt is casual, formal, or suitable for a given occasion or event. Equally, it helps to know the different types of skits available and who can wear them comfortably.

Selecting an Ideal Skirt for Your Body Type

Women have unique body builds that determine the best skirt for each. Before you choose a skirt, you need to check the various physical attributes including height, type of legs, body build and bulkiness among others. You need to choose a skirt that can be fitted perfectly with these attributes. The good thing with skirts is that there are many designs such that there is something for everyone. Your body type is crucial, but you need to try out as many Neil Allyn Skirts as you can. Choosing at random or in a rush will only leave you frustrated and you may not realize value for the money you will have spent. 

The Denim Skirt

Of the many popular skirts out there, the denim skirt is quite a contender. This skirt seems to have made a comeback of sorts. Denim skirts look more or less like pencil skirts, but they have an overpowering casual look. This is a neutral skirt and it can be worn with anything; it all depends on the look you want to pull off. You will look polished, if you opt for dark denim while a light, distressed pattern will appear more casual.

A-line Skirt

The A-line skirt is one of the flattering skirt styles world over. They have a tapering waist and they flare out at the bottom; which is usually around the top of the knee. This skirt doesn’t tighten at the hips and it accentuates your waistline perfectly. If you have a patterned skirt, it’s okay to go for a patterned top as well. If you want a captivating look, you will need to avoid color clashing with the skirt and top.

If you want a skirt that you can wear comfortably to a formal setting, the midi skirt is the perfect choice. Even though the midi can be worn by people with any body type, women who sport shorter legs need to be careful. It’s okay to wear this skirt in petite dimensions and it will help you show of your shape especially if its high waited. You can comfortably tuck in your blouse tops and its best worn with high heels.

Full skirt

The full length women’s skirt is ideal for all women. This skirt has a waistband that cinches at the natural waist. The rest of the skirt then drops down to the knees. Since the knee-length skirt has a conservative length, it is versatile though the fabrics or the print will determine the formal angle. The full skirt can be worn with tucked tops thus highlighting the trim waist. It’s a good pick for women of all ages regardless of the body type.

Maxi skirts

The popular maxi skirts from Neil Allyn skirts collection are a popular pick for women. It can be worn comfortably by the young and old. Maxi skirts are comfortable and offer all the freedom you need to move around. You can sit, bend, and dash around without worrying about indecent exposure. Maxi skirts can be worn simple, but you can also experiment with patterns and prints.


Mini skirts denote skirts whose hemlines cut above the knees. These skirts can be worn with different tops depending on the personal sense of style. To create harmony, you can wear the skirt with loose fitting long sleeved tops. Mini skirts can be worn with leggings to keep the look decent and stylish.

Our Neil Allyn Skirts

When you choose quality Neil Allyn skirts from UniformsInStock, you get the flair that comes with choosing the best skirts for a flattering casual or formal look. We have skirts that help you bring out the desired sense of style and character. We have skirts that speak of sophistication, especially when you want to attend executive events. The "Victoria" Black Tuxedo Skirt is an excellent example.

When you choose Neil Allyn Skirts, you get a variety of sizes made from fabrics that offer comfort. We have experts, who are ready to guide you until you find a skirt that complements your body size.

For more information about our Neil Allyn skirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch