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What is one commonality that [most] uniforms have in common... socks, of course! Socks are an accessory that whether we are working or not, make an appearance in most of our everyday ensembles. We wear socks for comfort, to protect our feet, to keep our feet warm, and simply because socks are the best! 

When it comes to wearing socks with your staff uniform, or in the workplace, it should be easy to decipher which type of sock will best suit your needs. For instance, those working as a lifeguard, on the beach or in a water park are typically not going to need socks. But, for those performing, working in a restaurant, in a lab, in hospitality or a hotel, etc. are more than likely going to be needing a pair of reliable, comfortable and sturdy socks.

Socks & Uniforms
There are many different designs when it comes to socks, and you can choose from a wide range of popular brands as well. Like most things, there are a variety of socks that come in different colors, patterns, styles and materials. Socks are such a versatile accessory or addition to just about any outfit. They can be dressy socks, bright socks, socks with sayings, colorful patterns, and now, you can even have your pet's face printed on your socks! 

Solid colored socks are perfect for more formal outfits, so those working in a higher-scale environment or performing music for a living. This is because you want your socks to match the rest of your ensemble should they be seen, so wearing a bright purple or green sock you can see from the stage might not be the best choice. But, those working in a more fast-paced, fun, and more business-casual to casual environment can get away with a brighter color, or maybe even a fun print. 

A good option to choose is our ribbed formal socks (available in 5 different colors), as they are made from quality materials and have a solid pattern. You can also choose our coral solid color socks, which are very comfortable and add a pop of color to any outfit. The choice is yours, and the options are endless.

Buying Socks
When you buy socks, choosing a color, style and design that is best for you and your needs. For instance, those working in a restaurant, casino or in a hospitality environment might gravitate towards more of a formal sock, or a dress sock that would pair nicely with a dress, trousers, etc. Whereas, those working in a security, maintenance, construction, etc. might want a sock that is a little more sturdy, durable, protective and can keep you warm while working in outdoor conditions. There are many reasons for one to purchase socks, so the addition of your preferred socks to your staff uniforms should be a no brainer! 

When you shop at our uniform store, speak to one of our experts to help you get the best possible working outfit for your needs. We offer great value for money, and excellent customer service. Not to mention the wide range of products that you can choose from when shopping with us.

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