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Uncommon Threads Headwear

Dating back to more than 2000 years, is the one and only chefs hat. It all starts way back when people walk around like hats in order to do free initiate them from other kitchen staff. It seemed that chefs were very important in the kitchen, especially when it came to feeding the King. They felt special, and it is believed that they were presented with a unique piece of headgear.

Chefs were also believed to be very educated, as they had to spend a great deal of time reading and learning recipes. This is one reason why they probably wore hats, so that they can stand out from the rest of the normal staff members in the kitchen. The style of the chef’s hat has changed significantly over the years, the idea remains the same.

Different Uncommon Threads headwear have different features. For example, a chefs hat is going to be different than a visor or cap that those maybe working outside of the kitchen would typically wear.

These days, you can buy headwear in a variety of different styles and colors and materials, so that you can add them to any uniform with ease. Adding headwear is a great way to distinguish the staff members in your working environment, and will also allow the staff members to easily communicate with one-another.

Whether or not your employees decided to sport headwear, can be up to the individual. Although, for specific jobs, like those in a food processing lab are typically required to wear a hair net, and workers on a construction site are absolutely required to wear a hard hat - it could be a job requirement. Depending on your working environment, business, and management uniform requirements the choice of headwear can range from chefs hat, to none.

Today, a chef hats remains a symbol of authority in the kitchen, and it indicates that the person is very specialized in what they do. Although the traditional white hat is popular among chefs today, there are a wide variety of different options and headwear available to them. Many chefs even where paper versions, or even a baseball cap - some even where no hat at all. The options are virtually endless, which is why this is such a great addition for your chefs’ uniforms.

Uncommon Threads Headwear from UniformsInStock

We stock a range of stylish Uncommon Threads headwear specifically for your business, whether you own a restaurant, hotel or other commercial kitchen. This includes the White Twill Chef Hat, which is made from a viscose blend and a fan favorite. You’ll quickly look the part and enjoy a professional appearance. It is a traditional chef wear hat, and is great at protecting the chefs hair, while also protecting the food.

We also have a very stylish black poplin chef hat, which is made from a poly/cotton blend, and is available in a one size fits all configuration. It's very comfortable to wear, and will offer a modern, yet sophisticated style in the kitchen. This is a great option to wear with the rest of your Uncommon Threads uniform, and it will give you just the right touch to give you an alternative to the traditional white hat.

In addition to our Uncommon Threads headwear, you can also buy variety of other uniforms and accessories from our uniform store. We stock a wide variety of products and they are available in virtually any style, size and color. We also offer a variety of materials and designs from other well-known brands. This gives you the ability to give your employees stylish and very practical uniforms for your specific workplace.

Just like your uniforms and corporate work wear, you can have your Uncommon Threads headwear specifically branded according to your needs. This means that you can add your company logo or slogan to your headwear items, so that you can further enhance your brand visibility. This will also allow your customers immediately familiarize themselves with your branding your employees. It's a great way to add value to your overall look, and businesses all over the world are using uniforms and accessories to market the company brand.

Speak to our friendly team today to help find the perfect accessories for your entire staff. We have various options available that can also customize your headwear to fit in perfectly with the rest of your uniform.

For more information about our selection of Uncommon Threads headwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch