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Uncommon Threads Neckerchiefs

When it comes to imagining chef wear, or more specifically a chefs uniform, chances are neckerchiefs will not be at the top of your accessories list. But, as most of us know, sometimes the smallest details make the most impact and lasting impression. And brands, like Uncommon Threads, that choose to create stylish, quality and professional items, understand that.

For those of you that might not know, or be familiar with what a neckerchief is, here is a quick break down. Neckerchiefs are square shaped fabrics that are worn around the neck. The proper way to wear a chef neckerchief is to wrap it around your neck and then form knot to your specific comfort. The reasoning for the knot at the front is so of course the neckerchief stays in place while working, but it also gives the neckerchief a tidy and professional look. Neckerchiefs preceded neckties and bow ties and have quite a history in the fashion scene.

Originally, the role of neckerchiefs was not in any way related to season our other outfits – far from it – their role was simply to provide extra warmth to those that wearing it. Much like a scarf, neckerchiefs were typically worn in the colder and winter months. After taking a brief hiatus in the lineup of accessories, neckerchiefs returned in the 19th Century bigger and better than ever. Their comeback saw a major shift and need in the roles they now perform in our wardrobes. Which lead us to neckerchiefs being included not only in everyday wear, but being created, styled and accessorized with uniforms.

Uncommon Threads Neckerchiefs

In the neckerchief world, the accessory seems to take a leading popularity the most in chef wear. Uncommon Threads are a leading designer in making neckerchiefs a stand out accessory. With the addition of an Uncommon Threads neckerchief, your uniforms are sure to make a lasting impression. A neckerchief is worn for a number of reasons like protection and style; but the biggest reason neckerchiefs have become popular is because it protects the chef, as well as catches sweat. Due to the way the neckerchief is worn and tied around the neck, it rests so that it can protect against splatter, oils, fires, etc. but also, catch and save any dripping sweat from the potential of falling in the food. When working in a busy, hot and steamy kitchen, it's more than likely your chefs are working up a sweat, and although your food may be top notch, the special ingredient of sweat is typically not one customers want to receive in their meals. Uncommon Threads neckerchiefs lend a helping hand too assure that sweat dripping, or in need of a wipe is caught safely.

Wearing A Neckerchief

There are no limits to who can wear neckerchiefs – because they are unisex making them simple to style for both men and women. Perhaps what distinguishes Uncommon Threads neckerchiefs is that they are made with high-quality materials, like cotton. Cotton is a popular material due to the breathability, durability and longevity of the neckerchief. So, when purchasing an Uncommon Threads neckerchief, you're sure to get your money's worth! 

Cotton and polyester material fabrics are popular materials used for accessories, such as a neckerchief. Their light texture, durability and breathability make them  comfortable for employees to wear for long periods of time. Now, you might be thinking, why don't chefs just wear a bandana, scarf or simply nothing at all? And the answer varies! Wearing a neckerchief is of course an individual decision up to the chef, manager or owner of each specific business. However, when it comes to the familiarity, comfort, durability and of course, history, the neckerchief is the one accessory that can cover all of the important bases so that everyone is comfortable.

Our Uncommon Threads neckerchiefs pass the design test by having quality brands that take pride in producing chef neckerchiefs, that are not only made in quality materials, but also in a wide array of patterns, sizes and colors as well. When it comes to sizes, neckerchiefs from different designers come in specific sizes so that they can cater and offer something to everyone. Neckerchiefs, like most accessories, are available in a variety of different colors, so your chef can sport a neckerchief that not only goes with the rest of your uniforms, but the company branding as well. 

As a leading store, offers a range of high quality, affordable accessories and uniform pieces for your every need. We are your number one resource for all Uncommon Threads chef wear, including chef coats, chef aprons, chef headwear, etc. You can browse through our selection and view other colored chef accessories to find high-quality, professional and affordable uniform items.

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