Restaurant Vests

Eateries and restaurants are very stylish these days; from dressing management to ensuring that wait staff looks stylish and modern, restaurants can easily be an attractive place to be. Customers have their own fashion style to bring to the table, especially if you cater to a specific customer base.

The management of most of the restaurants today has taken it upon themselves to ensure that waiters and waitresses look presentable to the customers they serve. Some would say that a first impression lasts forever. I would concur with the latter statements. Hotels and restaurants are taking advantage of the fashion platform to ensure that they garner as many customers as possible. Hotels and restaurants with best-dressed waiters and waitresses have recorded a high customer turnout which means that they bag huge profits at the end of the day. Most waiters and waitresses have embraced a more formal outlook in their working environment.

This is why a walk into the most luxurious of hotels will see have you find waiters, waitresses, and valets wearing formal vests, white shirts, bow ties, neckties and a black show to match up the formal outfit. These personnel sure look appealing and any customer would be happy when served by such a smart waiter or waitress.

As the restaurant staff embraces formal wear on most occasions, restaurant vests have become part and parcel of their daily outlook as well. The kind of vests that restaurant staff wears is formal in nature which makes waiters and waitresses look like professionals all the while. Formal vests emanate from full suits and the vest is usually 3/3 of the suit. However, as wearing suits would make waiters too formal, wearing a formal vest only has been seen the best way of distinguishing waiters and waitresses from the entire crowd. Rest assured that these vests fulfill this fashion adeptly.

For restaurant vests to look good on waiters and waitresses, one has to consider a few factors before choosing or buying one. Here are the factors;

  • Size – a good suit vest should be of good size and should never be baggy. In fact, most suit vests are designed to be fitting and never baggy. A good vest should not leave any spaces and should be comfortable to leave some breathing space. Again, there is no point in wearing a very body hugging vest and stay cocooned the entire day. Choose just the perfect fit.
  • Material - Good suit vests are either made of polyester or cotton material. Consequently, purpose to always buy suit vests made of these tow materials. Over the years, suit vests made of cotton or polyester have been seen to be durable and long lasting. They will be easy to wash and maintain if made of cotton or polyester too.
  • Buttons – A keen observer would note that suit vests have five buttons and a sharp edge at the bottom. Always make sure that any suit vest was chosen or bought has at least four buttons and two sharp edges at the bottom part.


Our vests

We have the Men's Black with Satin Lapel Vest is designed by famous designer Neil Allyn. Here at UniformsInStock, we have it stocked up in the black color as we know this is the most suitable color for waiters and waitresses in a restaurant environment. The vest has a solid pattern and its inside is of an elastic and smooth nature. We appreciate that you want to pick up vests of different sizes for your employees which is why we have stocked it up in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. This vest is not only available for men but is also available for women too. Check out the Women's Black with Satin Lapel Vest here.

We also have the Women's Tunic Vest at UniformsInStock. It is available in two colors: navy and black. These are the internationally accepted colors for restaurant personnel which is why we have it in both these colors. Neil Allyn has designed this vest exquisitely. We have stocked it up in different body sizes as we appreciate the diversity in the body sizes of all our customers. The vest style is full black.

The "Stuart" Men's Vest can also be obtained from UniformsInStock. The vest is available in different sizes to increase the likelihood of our customers getting a correct size. Neil Allyn designed it prudently which is why the Stuart vest is a favorite of so many. It will surely look good on restaurant staff too as it is a fitting piece of apparel. It has five buttons as recommended by most fashion analysts. Its inside is elastic and harbors a full black vest style. Get it at a pocket-friendly price too. It is available for the women too. Check out the Stuart female vest here. It is known as the "Stuart" Women's Vest.

The "Wave" Men's Vest is among the exquisite vests we have stocked up. From its name you can deduce that its pattern is wavy. The wavy pattern makes it look very exquisite. Designed by Neil Allyn, the vest comes in five different colors to give you a variety to choose from. Also, the vest is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure that each of our customers gets the correct size. It is made of polyester material and available at a very pocket-friendly price.

For more information about our restaurant vests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. "Stuart" Women's Vest


    "Stuart" Women's Vest
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
  2. "Stuart" Men's Vest


    "Stuart" Men's Vest
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
  3. Women's Tunic Vest


    Women's Tunic Vest
    $27.95 As low as $18.17
  4. "Cafe" Women's Vest


    "Cafe" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  5. "Cafe" Men's Vest


    "Cafe" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  6. "Majestic" Men's Vest


    "Majestic" Men's Vest
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  7. "Marquis" Women's Vest


    "Marquis" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  8. "Marquis" Men's Vest


    "Marquis" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  9. "Oasis" Women's Vest


    "Oasis" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  10. "Oasis" Men's Vest


    "Oasis" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  11. "Sierra" Women's Vest


    "Sierra" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  12. "Sierra" Men's Vest


    "Sierra" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  13. "Wave" Women's Vest


    "Wave" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  14. "Wave" Men's Vest


    "Wave" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  15. "Paisley" Women's Vest


    "Paisley" Women's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  16. "Paisley" Men's Vest


    "Paisley" Men's Vest
    $37.95 As low as $24.67
  17. Men's Black Wool Vest


    Men's Black Wool Vest
    $44.95 As low as $29.22
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19 Items