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Uniforms Are Universal

Having a job is something that a lot of us take pride in. Developing a career by taking an interest or passion we have, and then incorporating that interest into our everyday life. The ability to do that, is pretty incredible if you ask us.

All jobs and careers are different. They obtain different levels, standards, rules, education, etc. They lead us down a path to achieving success within the field we choose to work. And although they might all be different, especially around the world, one thing stands true…uniforms are universal.

Uniforms original use was pretty practical. They were used primarily for the protection of clothing while in a specific working environment. But, today, the need and purpose of the uniform has increasingly expanded. Uniforms are so much more than just a protective piece of clothing now. They help to represent the business or company that someone works for, they are created appropriately for ease and comfort depending on the industry, they allow the employees to feel a part of a team while looking professional, and so much more.

Uniforms allows businesses, as well as employees, to become representatives of whom they work. They allow customers, guests and visitors to easily locate and decipher who is able to help them as well as who might be in charge at a specific work place. That’s the beauty of uniforms. No matter where you are around the world, no matter the industry uniforms might look a little different, but will always remain universal.

So, let’s take a look at some examples that showcase the collective uniform standards among all industries.

Hotel Staff 
Hotels and Resorts are one of the most necessary, successful and consistently growing industries that has been around for a long time. They are where people go to take a break, vacation, business trips, weddings and even corporate events. Hotels are full of a wide range of staff, which of course means a wide range of uniforms. These specific uniforms, whether they be front desk uniforms, security uniforms, or even casino uniforms, help guests as well as management to easily identify members of their team and staff. The divisions within hotels and resorts are truly the perfect example of uniformity and camaraderie.


Construction Staff
Whether you’re traveling across the country, or down the road, you can be sure that if you see someone wearing a visibility vest, it’s safe to assume a construction site is ahead. Construction uniforms are standard due to their working environments. They need protective, sturdy and resilient uniforms that not only alert pedestrians of their surroundings, but to also allow them to do their job as safely and professionally as possible.


Restaurant Staff 
There are a wide range of restaurants that we are used to. From five stars to fast food the options are almost endless. But, one thing we know is that whichever restaurant is decided to dine at, uniforms are expected. Sure, there are different divisions within this industry as well, for instance, a server will most likely be seen wearing an apron with the rest of their uniform, whereas if you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of the chef, they could be spotted wearing full kitchen chef attire. There are so many different types of environments and genres when it comes to restaurants and food, that uniforms have taken a trendy, stylish and unique turn depending on said restaurant. But, regardless of the growth and uniformity of their choice and what they represent, the restaurant uniform staples will always be incorporated to some degree.


Spa Staff 
Ah, the place we go to relax. Take a breath. Not hear kids screaming for sixty minutes. The spa. Spas are incredible because although their ultimate goal is to provide a helpful and relaxing service, no spa is truly the same (unless it’s a chain obviously). They offer different services, themes, treatments, etc. They believe and focus on different things and have been trained in different specialties. When walking into a spa, the instant tranquility surrounds you and allows you to embrace the moment. The spa staff helps with this, even though you might not realize it. When entering a spa, the uniforms the staff wears represent the calm. Whether they’re wearing a spa dress, or scrubs (for a more medical spa environment), the uniforms are almost always a solid and single color, such as black or white. The spa’s chic and subtle choice in uniforms allows the customer to not only feel stressed about the way they look, but feel comfortable in an educated and professional establishment.

There are so many industries and jobs throughout the world out there that wear their uniforms as so much more than uniforms. And it’s so comforting to know, that no matter the industry, company and position, the special opportunity to wear a uniform will always be universal.